“Thank you for rescuing me… that was extremely brave.”

“Thank you for rescuing me… that was extremely brave.”

Helen, a Security professional at Eboracum UK Ltd, selflessly leapt into action to defend someone against an unprovoked attack.

Last week, Helen was working in York City Centre as part of the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation operation linked to the Christmas Market.

During an assignment, she noticed an incident involving an unprovoked attack. She bravely decided to physically help to defend the victim.

The perpetrators fled the scene where Helen then gave immediate first aid support to the victim. Eboracum first aiders attended with support from other security colleagues. Helen reassured the victim and arranged immediate help for them.

Remarkably, not long after the incident, Helen was then able to identify the perpetrators nearby, leading to their swift arrest by the Police and colleagues at the scene.

Helen received a thank you note from the victim, with the words “Dear Helen, Thank you for coming to my assistance, Thank you for rescuing me. That was extremely brave. Thank you for your kindness. You are amazing…”.

Carl Nickson, Director at Eboracum said “Incidents like this are horrendous. It fills me with so much pride to know that one of our team members took immediate action to protect the public, and follow up with further support. Helen was very calm throughout the whole incident. She is a hero who will help anyone in a heartbeat.

Crimestoppers welcomes Eboracum as their first North Yorkshire Community Ambassador

The volunteer committee for Crimestoppers in North Yorkshire and York has this month recruited their first Community Ambassador: security, training and support services company Eboracum UK Limited.

The independent charity’s Community Ambassador Programme is designed to increase awareness of Crimestoppers through partnership with businesses, public authorities, other charities and agencies. Acting as our Ambassadors, they enable Crimestoppers to spread the word about our unique service guaranteeing anonymity to help protect people, places and communities from crime.

While we are gradually easing out of lockdown, Crimestoppers is currently appealing for people to report anonymously what they know about crime against commercial outlets in a campaign called #ClosedtoCrime. Our Community Ambassador, Eboracum UK Limited, will connect with communities and companies to raise awareness of the campaign and to drive people to report what they know about crime 100% anonymously.

“We’re delighted to announce Eboracum UK Limited as our first Community Ambassador for North Yorkshire and York. The range of services the business provides means they’re ideally placed to promote the work of our charity. They share our values and belief that everyone should feel safe from crime. They’re a trusted organisation who engage with members of the public on a regular basis, with a great team on the ground.  I’m excited to work with them and to support their promotion of our charity with local communities. This will also help local businesses at this time who, while being closed due to the pandemic, may have had their premises interfered with by criminals.

“I’m pleased our North Yorkshire Crimestoppers’ volunteer committee has gone from strength to strength since the appointment of John Dobbin as Chair. With a variety of passionate volunteers, and now our first Community Ambassador, Crimestoppers is now even better placed to raise awareness of our charity to the communities that need us the most.”Gemma Gibbs,  Crimestoppers Yorkshire & the Humber Regional Manager 

“It is a privilege to be a Crimestoppers’ Community Ambassador. We see this as an accolade as well as a partnership arrangement. On both a company and personal level, we can further spread the word and awareness of the great work that the charity is doing. I feel that our company is well placed to pass on these important messages to the community about an easy, anonymous way to report information about crime. 

“Our approach to this role is to empower our own team members to actively talk about Crimestoppers when engaging with people, and to align ourselves with local Crimestoppers’ campaigns.”Carl Nickson,  Managing Director and founder of Eboracum UK Limited

Find out more about our #ClosedtoCrime campaign.

If you are interested in volunteering for Crimestoppers, there are a range of vacancies listed here.

Eboracum: First in the UK to achieve CCTV accreditation

Eboracum UK Ltd is the first Private Security firm to achieve  surveillance camera code of practice accreditation.

The code of practice, issued by the UK Secretary of state is intended to ensure that individuals and wider communities have confidence that public body surveillance cameras are deployed to protect and support them, rather than spy on them.
Eboracum’s procedures, privacy impact assessment and processes were audited by the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection board) who in turn recommended certification to the Surveillance Camera Commissioner.

The audit was based on the companies use of Body Worn CCTV cameras.  Body Worn CCTV is across the business for a number of reasons. It helps to reduce conflict, demonstrate transparency, prevent false allegations and can be used as evidence in a court of law.

Carl Nickson, Director of Eboracum said:

Although accreditation is voluntary, I feel that it is important to demonstrate a transparent and compliant approach to the use of CCTV. We are leading from the front as the first Security Company to achieve this accolade and I hope that others will follow. Achieving this accreditation outlines that even small-medium businesses can put privacy, compliance and transparency high on the agenda. 

Eboracum UK has taken steps to ensure that their Body worn CCTV systems operate within a legal framework and meet the standards of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s code of practice. 

The company has published their policy and privacy impact assessment online. Please use the buttons below to download the relevant documents.   

All queries relating to Ebroacum’s use of Body Worn CCTV should be directed to Carl Nickson – carl@eboracumgroup.com.

ore information about the Surveillance Camera Commissioner Code of Practice: