Staycations with added security and peace of mind.

Staycations with added security and peace of mind.

YorGuest is a York-based Property Management company specialising in city and rural holiday homes across Yorkshire and has teamed up with Eboracum®, a York based Security company to provide their guests with more peace of mind during their staycations.

Eboracum will provide an out of hours service to the guests covering everything from being locked out to minor maintenance issues. Whatever the issue they are there for support and help, with as little disruption to the holiday as possible.

Eboracum’s Managing Director, Carl Nickson, said;
‘We are delighted to be working with YorGuest, their high expectations match our own and we feel we can provide a positive impact on their guests’ experience’

Hayley Cooke, Partnerships Director for YorGuest, agrees, ‘We are so excited to be able to provide our guests with this extra level of service, working in partnership with such a great local company.

We know that people want to relax on holiday and this new collaboration aims to ensure they can do just that’.

YorGuest provides stylish and comfortable holiday accommodation. Their ethos of putting the guest at the forefront of their business has paid off and they now have a fantastic portfolio property in and around York, both houses and apartments, to suit every taste and requirement.

The YorGuest have been working hard behind the scenes during the Covid-19 lockdown, streamlining processes and ensuring that everything is in place for the much-anticipated revival of the tourism industry and staycation demand.

#OneTeam award winners announced!

Our annual #OneTeam awards were announced virtually this year with categories including Vigilance, Heroes of 2020 and Company Ambassador to name a few. Two special awards were given based on recommendations received : Team Choice award and Consumer Choice award.

Here are some of the recommendations that were submitted:

Garry manages to carry out his daily work while always having a very pleasant manner and cheerful disposition. He truly deserves recognition for his contribution to the overall feel-good care of York Market.

Submitted by a consumer.

Jordan has worked tirelessly to help set up and manage by himself the flu and COVID vaccine site….He is always fun to be around and is good to work with. He’s hard working and is a great boss on site by taking care of us all.

Submitted by a team members

Michael has been part of the Vangarde team for about a year now. Michael has grown in confidence in dealing with customers which is an integral and core function of his role. Michael is punctual, positive and willing member of the team, he is always keen to learn now elements of the role and that of the shopping park. His appearance, work ethic and standards of work are very high. In recent weeks in order to develop his personal skills he has just completed his SIA training. He has a positive outlook on life, always cheerful and always with a grin on his face. His on site colleagues are positive about him and all thoroughly enjoy working with him. This nomination was agreed by the whole on site management team.

Submitted by a team manager

Ian is an ambassador to the Eboracum brand always on time always happy, vigilant to the needs of the role and his customer service never faults.

Submitted by a client

I feel Pete does a great job and works behind the scenes with key holding and support. I would like to send my appreciation for all his hard work and continued commitment to the staff and company.

Submitted by team members

New partnership focusing on lone worker protection in York.

New partnership focusing on lone worker protection in York.

Ellie Steers – Brand Ambassador at Eboracum, Rebecca Pick – Founder at Pick Protection and Cameron Wright- Service Delivery Manager at Eboracum.

York’s Eboracum® is partnering with Pick Protection to bring a range of lone worker safety solutions to the city.

Award winning company Pick Protection was founded six years ago. After years of research and development it now boasts an impressive programme of services for lone worker monitoring. The synergy between Eboracum and Pick Protection is aligned in that they have a real passion to deliver services that are focussed around safety and security.

The solutions available include remote monitoring of lone workers, an app based SOS system, devices with simple “panic buttons” and the ability for staff to easily notify employers when they are going into a risky situation alone, triggering a time based response/call back system.

Rebecca Pick, founder of Pick Protection says

There are 3 key elements of a lone worker system. First is the device/application or method that is used to request help. Next is the online portal where all activity can be reviewed and tracked, and lastly the control room where assistance is arranged and deployed. Working with Eboracum, we can now provide a fourth element to this in York which is the actual response to the alert by trained & licensed operatives.”

Carl Nickson, Managing Director at Eboracum® said:

We love to work with like-minded organisations who have a genuine passion for safety and security. Lone worker protection services are something that we can now confidently promote and deliver in York due to Pick Protection’s innovative and flexible product range. I look forward to exploring how this can be expanded across the city and beyond for the benefit of both employers and employees.”

These solutions not only provide important protection to employees, but also provide employers with resources and tools to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act.

To find out more about lone worker protection options just get in touch with us:

Eboracum secures new contract at Abode, York

Starting in September 2020, Eboracum® proudly provide a new student-focussed service at Abode, York.

The 500 bedroom Student Accommodation on Percy’s Lane in York receive a local, proactive and flexible security service.

With a careful balance between security and customer focus, Eboracum’s team members provide a visible and reassuring presence in and around the scheme.

This, coupled with rapid response to alarms/requests and remote CCTV monitoring ensures complete managed security services.

The Service is bespoke in that team members familiarise themselves with the scheme’s buildings, procedures and tenant needs to enable a prompt resolution when responding to requests ie. tenant losing a key and locked out, etc.

The scheme developer S Harrison also receive real time online reports so that they can be kept fully up to date and in the loop.

“Being chosen to work in in this client/supplier partnership with S Harrison is a real privilege for us. As a local York business we are grateful to be in a position where we can continue to adapt our services at Abode.”

Carl Nickson – Director at Eboracum®

S Harrison, developer of Abode, York was Founded in 1952 and is one of the
UK’s leading property and development businesses.

Understanding modern slavery – and how to spot the signs

Slavery in the 21st century is often enforced by threats to the individual, coercion, through mental or physical abuse, or the threat of abuse, abduction, fraud and deception. Modern slavery is an international crime that affects an estimated 29.8 million slaves around the world, with an estimated 13,000 people held in slavery in the UK today. In 2015 there were 3,266 potential victims identified and referred to the National Crime Agency.

Modern slavery takes a number of forms including sexual exploitation, forced labour, domestic servitude and criminal exploitation. Often the person is forced or compelled to work and they are often controlled by an ’employer’, usually through mental or physical abuse or the threat of abuse, both to them and their families.

Signs that someone might be a victim of modern slavery include:

  • Showing signs of injury, abuse and malnourishment
  • They look unkempt, are often in the same clothing and have poor hygiene
  • Appearing to be under the control and influence of others
  • Living in cramped, dirty, overcrowded accommodation
  • They have no access or control of their passport or identity documents
  • Appearing scared, avoiding eye contact, and being untrusting
  • They may allow others to speak for them when addressed directly, rather than speak for themselves.
  • They’re collected very early and/or returned late at night on a regular basis
  • May have inappropriate clothing for the work they are performing, and/or a lack of safety equipment
  • May be isolated from the local community and their family
  • They travel only with other workers

It can include victims that have been brought from overseas, and vulnerable people in the UK, being forced to illegally work against their will in many different sectors, including brothels, nail bars, factories, car washes, construction and agriculture.

What’s the difference between modern slavery and human trafficking?

The terms ‘modern slavery’ and ‘human trafficking’ are often used interchangeably. They can be taken to mean the same thing on most occasions, but human trafficking may also refer to the movement of people from one place to another. Human trafficking often involves threat, force and coercion, and people may be trafficked into modern slavery as a result of abduction or deception.

What to do if you suspect modern slavery

If you have information on the criminals operating modern slavery networks you can talk to CrimeStoppers, as an independent charity, 100% anonymously – your identity will never be revealed. If you are already in the UK, call free on 0800 555 111 or report details online here on their website.

What to do if you are a victim of modern slavery

Due to their anonymity guarantee, CrimeStoppers can’t take information from victims of crime. If think you may be a victim of modern slavery you can contact the charity Salvation Army by calling their 24-hour confidential helpline on 0300 038151.

The UK Modern Slavery Helpline is available 24/7 to offer confidential, advice and support for any victim, statutory agency, business, or member of the public regarding modern slavery suspicions or concerns.

Trained Helpline Advisers are available to discuss potential signs of modern slavery and options for callers or victims in need. Call free on 08000 121 700.

Originally published by CrimeStoppers.

We are COVID19 Secure.

We have updated our risk assessments, policy and procedures so that our team members can work safely during the Coronavirus crisis.

As restrictions are loosened by the Government, we see a new normal. Our approach to work will be surrounded by anti-viral measures. We have one priority. That is to keep our team members safe by reducing the chance of contraction or transmission of COVID-19 at work.

What are we doing?

We can keep people safe by ensuring that strict measures are implemented and adhered to at work. The government released a new standard called “COVID-19 Secure”. This standard is issued to all employers and should be followed where appropriate. We use this standard/guidance to set out our main principles of what we will do together at Eboracum®.


The Managing Director has signed the government’s commitment/pledge. This confirmed that the Eboracum® complies with the standard and we will display this at sites where our team members work. You can download a copy of this signed commitment below. It reads “We confirm we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19”.

Our main COVID-19 Secure principles:

We will adopt the following main principles to manage a safe working environment:

  • Assess risk, implement control measures and share this with all of our team members
  • Ensure that there are cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures on client sites, assignments and in company offices
  • Where their role allows, we will help our team members to work from home
  • We will take reasonable steps to maintain a 2m distance at work
  • Where people cannot be 2m apart, we will do everything practical to manage transmission risk.
(Image (c) Peninsula Group Ltd)

What is the process for ensuring safe working inline with these principles?

There are four elements to the processes that we will use when assessing and approving team deployments:

  1. A company-wide risk assessment. This risk assessment includes various control measures around safe working in relation to COVID19. It is heavily based on Government guidance. All of our team members will read and adhere to the control measures put in place on this risk assessment. 
  2. Client/assignment specific checklists. We will use checklists to assess whether a role/assignment/client site that we work at also satisfactorily meets the COVID-19 Secure standard. The Managing Director will be responsible for managing this process. The company will not reply any team members unless this can be completed satisfactorily. We will work with clients to an agreed standard.
  3. Instruction, briefings, awareness and information. We will provide our team members with as much information that is relevant to their role. This may be new guidance, updated risk assesments or changes in procedures. We will also provide training such as e-learning.
  4. Monitoring & supervision. One of the key elements to ensure compliance is by checking and auditing the various tasks, roles and client sites. We will use the completed risk assessment and check that each control measure is being adhered to.
    (Image (c) Peninsula Group Ltd)

Eboracum® has top-down commitment to making sure our team members are safe at work. For more information please contact Carl via email

We are supported by our Health & Safety advice provider – Peninsula Group Ltd.

Police Grant Powers to York Street Rangers

York’s Street Rangers have been given legal powers to keep people safe and help police cut down on antisocial behaviour.

North Yorkshire’s Chief Constable granted the powers to eight qualified staff, who are employed by Eboracum UK Ltd and work as York Business Improvement District (BID) Street Rangers. The rangers can now require someone who has behaved antisocially to give their name and address. They can also stop cyclists riding on a footpath and control traffic in certain circumstance.

York Commander, Superintendent Lindsey Robson, said:

“Tackling antisocial behaviour benefits everyone and improves our communities greatly, so it makes sense to take all the steps we can to reduce it.  These powers have actually existed for a long time and are used to complement the work of our police officers and PCSOs. They are only granted if the Chief Constable is satisfied that they will be used appropriately and proportionally. York is already a very safe place, and by granting Street Rangers selected powers we can keep the millions of people who visit the city centre every year even safer.”

Under the legislation, the eight Eboracum UK Ltd staff who work as Street Rangers are be able to:

  • Require someone to give their name and address if they believe they are acting in an anti-social manner.
  • Stop cyclists riding illegally on the footpath.
  • Control traffic, which could be used in circumstances such as allowing an ambulance better access.
  • Require someone to give their name and address for a road traffic offences, assault or criminal damage.
  • Share and receive information wit the Police.

Carl Nickson, Managing Director of Eboracum UK Ltd, said:

“This accreditation further professionalises our partnership with the police. Following in the footsteps of CSAS schemes in other parts of the country, it provides the York BID Street Rangers with low-level but useful tools to assist in the reduction of anti-social behaviour. I am extremely proud of the positive progress made with the Street Ranger programme and feel privileged to have received this accreditation.”

The option to delegate powers was first granted to police forces in 2002 under the Police Reform Act. The authority does not extend to the power of police arrest. It lasts for 12 months, at which point it is reviewed by North Yorkshire Police.

LNER York Train Station- Secured by Eboracum

York firm Eboracum wins new contract after national tender process.

Eboracum UK Ltd celebrates as it wins a new high-profile contract to provide security and protective services at York Train Station.  London North Eastern Railway – LNER set out to procure a new provider to support its commitment to delivering a safe and secure customer environment at York Train Station.

The competitive national tender process measures include Quality, Partnership Working, Experience and employing local people.   The service will work in close partnership with other security providers, train operating companies, Police and a variety of stakeholders.

Carl Nickson, Director of Eboracum said

I am extremely pleased to confirm that we were successful in our bid. It fills me with pride to say that LNER is our customer. I am proud of our whole team for building up a high quality service and raising the bar in the industry. We look forward to forming a real partnership with LNER and play our important part by contributing to a safe, customer focused and secure environment at York Train Station