Drones are a versatile innovation and can be used in a variety of ways. Aerial images of property for estate/propery managers, efficient visual security checks of large areas, promotional images or videos and more. Drones are also a safe method of checking hazards or assessing inaccessible damage.

We provide a safe, professional and bespoke service to our clients.
This can be coupled with other services that we deliver, or as a standalone provision.


We only operate and fly with specialist, industry public liability insurance cover in place.

Trained Operators

We only deploy operatives who are trained & tested by CAA approved training centres.

Authorised by CAA

Our service partners and operators work under permission from the Civil Aviation Authority. Due diligence checks are complete before each and every deployment.


Flight deployments operate under strict safety precautions including a pre-flight risk assessment, drone flight survey, and relevant due diligence around permissions.

Examples of how drones can help businesses:

  • Efficient visual security checks of large areas
  • Hazard spotting on construction sites
  • Damage survey from above – safer than human access
  • Monitoring of events and crowds (ensuring legal distances are adhered to)
  • Promotional imagery and videos
  • Aerial images of land or property for landlords, managing agents or property managers
  • Planning images for events, car parking, access/egress, etc
  • Monitoring areas for change
  • Inspections of buildings, roofs, and inaccessible or normally unsafe areas.

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