“Thank you for rescuing me… that was extremely brave.”

“Thank you for rescuing me… that was extremely brave.”

Helen, a Security professional at Eboracum UK Ltd, selflessly leapt into action to defend someone against an unprovoked attack.

Last week, Helen was working in York City Centre as part of the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation operation linked to the Christmas Market.

During an assignment, she noticed an incident involving an unprovoked attack. She bravely decided to physically help to defend the victim.

The perpetrators fled the scene where Helen then gave immediate first aid support to the victim. Eboracum first aiders attended with support from other security colleagues. Helen reassured the victim and arranged immediate help for them.

Remarkably, not long after the incident, Helen was then able to identify the perpetrators nearby, leading to their swift arrest by the Police and colleagues at the scene.

Helen received a thank you note from the victim, with the words “Dear Helen, Thank you for coming to my assistance, Thank you for rescuing me. That was extremely brave. Thank you for your kindness. You are amazing…”.

Carl Nickson, Director at Eboracum said “Incidents like this are horrendous. It fills me with so much pride to know that one of our team members took immediate action to protect the public, and follow up with further support. Helen was very calm throughout the whole incident. She is a hero who will help anyone in a heartbeat.